Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I don't do hungry well.

Traveling with Celiac is always a challenge. We're at my parents this week and though my mom is very mindful of how we need to eat, it's always hard to be away from my own kitchen. I brought a loaf of Ener-G bread, some cereal and Nutella, of course. But in my fervor to pack the Nutella, I forgot a couple things. We're in a small town but thankfully even small-ish stores carry some good replacements these days.

I remember one time I went out of town and was completely unprepared. I didn't bring any gf snacks and found myself hungry a lot of the time. I was staying with a friend and literally ate fruit the entire weekend because I felt like a weirdo asking to go to the store to buy myself some food! I've never let that happen again. I am not someone who handles hungry well.

It turns out that this blog is rewarding in a way I didn't anticipate. My mom reads the blog and when we arrived she said, "I tried to buy Nutella and Berry Kix and they were completely sold out!" I told her it was because everyone here is reading the blog. So next time you're going out of town, drop some hints about your favorite snacks. Thanks, Mom!


  1. There needs to be more gluten free recipes. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. I agree! That's why I like to adapt "normal" recipes to make them gluten free...it seems more accessible or something to just tweak an ingredient or two. If you have any favorites, please share!